?She?s funny, she?s clear, she?s intellectual, she?s dynamic??


All foreign language teachers are a little bit crazy, and Jenni Butz is no exception. A former high school French and English teacher, Jenni has discovered that people ?take for granite? the fact that grammar, spelling, and punctuation don?t matter after graduation, so she?s embraced her life?s mission to rid the world of the misplacement and overuse of apostrophes. But communication is so much more than that.

Jenni delivers topics like Apostrophe Catastrophes, Life Lessons from Marching Band, and The Calm Between Storms through dynamic, humorous presentations of principles, authentic stories from her own life experiences, and practical applications for her listeners. Sharing her perspectives with groups in the United States and in Europe over the years has confirmed what Jenni has always known: When we learn, everybody wins.

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Just read that Alaska Airlines is capping flights at 65% thru July, keeping middle seats open, but I was just on a completely full flight. Masks required. FYI

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