Shining Like Stars is a book for Christian women who listen to sermons each week but don’t understand them or know how to apply what they hear. It’s for women who lack the confidence to talk to others about what they believe because they may not be sure of what they believe. Women who may be confused or intimidated by what’s in the Bible.

The apostle Paul told the Philippian Christians to “shine like stars” in the world around them. Stars burn from within, reside in constellations, and are transformed over the course of their lifetimes. We’re supposed to do that, too! But the world around us is often dark and cold and doesn’t always line up with what the Bible teaches.

Shining Like Stars will help you discover the confidence to live out your faith as the unique and valuable individual God created you to be. Then you’ll be able to boldly live out your convictions and love people with confidence as you hold firmly to the word of life.

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The price of the book: $19.95.
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