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I can’t remember when I’ve seen the word draconian used more frequently. It’s a good word.

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Gateway Presbyterian Church Women’s Retreat

1.04.2015 | Upcoming Events

(October 9-11, 2015) Jenni Butz is bound for Corbett, Oregon in October for the Gateway Presbyterian Church Women’s Retreat at the Menucha Retreat Center. This event is ideal for women who would like to meet other women in a caring and nurturing environment.

Women’s Leadership Luncheon

25.02.2015 | Upcoming Events

(March 13, 2015) Jenni will be giving a talk entitled “Calm Between the Storms” at the Sahalee Country Club.We all experience storms in life, but what we do with the calm periods is important to how we handle the storms and become a stronger leader. The luncheon starts at 11:30am so arrive at least 15 minutes… read more


Seattle Chapter Meeting of Entrepreneurs’ Organization

8.01.2015 | Upcoming Events

(March 31st, 2015) Seattle Chapter Meeting of Entrepreneurs’ Organization 


MC for Cascade View Elementary School Auction

8.01.2015 | Upcoming Events

(February 7th, 2015) Jenni will MC the upcoming Cascade View Elementary School Auction. Learn more about the auction here:

Women's Retreat Enzian Inn Leavenworth, WA Jenni Butz

Crossroads Bible Church Women’s Retreat

6.06.2014 | Upcoming Events

(March 6-8th, 2015) Jenni will join the women of Crossroads Bible Church at their spring retreat in picturesque Leavenworth, WA for a time of teaching and renewal.