Why need I volumes, if one word suffice? –Ralph Waldo Emerson.


Wordspark operates on the foundational principles of authenticity and clarity. Words are cheap when they’re canned, insincere, or so overly wrought that all substance is lost. Wouldn't it be refreshing to hear a message that resonates because it’s universally true? Because it’s clear? Yeah, I thought so.

My Signature Talks

Like a handwritten signature identifies its writer, the essence of the following topics springs from my life experience and observations that have shaped my life and appeal to many. They are:

The Calm Between the Storms: Making the Most of Times Between Crises

We can all identify stress in our lives and there is plenty of information available on how to avoid stress, how to manage stress, and how to eliminate stress. Stress, we know. But what about those times in between crises? What if we could grab hold of a way to proactively and intentionally live our lives so that every time a crisis comes our way we wouldn’t fall apart like we never saw it coming? This talk will explore practical ways to make the most of the times we aren’t consumed with a looming emergency so that we can be ready to face the next one when it does come.  

Business Lessons from Marching Band

If you’ve ever been part of any kind of marching band or drum corps, you know the thrill that comes with a wall of sound and many feet moving as one unit. It’s not unlike any business or organization you may be a part of. Both have big picture perspectives to bear in mind, both require all individuals to do their part with excellence, and both have the potential to deliver a dazzling performance to the intended audience. Learn how each person’s role is important to the whole and how to plan for the ideal audience by examining lessons from marching band. It’s not your normal 8 to 5…

Educating Clients and Colleagues: Tips from a Teacher

All of us are educators. We either spend our efforts educating potential clients about our products and services, or we are educating our employees about our mission and methods of doing business. If a high school teacher can hold the attention of teenagers and teach them how to conjugate verbs and write essays, there might be something to learn about how to communicate effectively with the people who matter in your world. Learn what excellent teachers do to get their messages across and how to hold the attention of those you want to educate and do business with. And yes, there will be a test.  

Taking the Next Step

At one time in our very young lives, we all learned to walk; it was a new challenge that we practiced for years. The process comes down to a few elements that we can apply to our lives and our businesses, too: Desire to move, Assessment of current circumstances, Balance, and a Goal. With these elements in place as benchmarks, any individual can make progress toward creating a life worth living. Without desire, we lack motivation; without knowing where we are, we can’t move toward our destination; without balance, we fall victim to others’ agendas and reactions; and without a goal, it’s impossible to know when we succeed. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Communication: Minimizing Conundrums and Maximizing Connection

Whether you’re the leader of a nonprofit organization and rely heavily on the manpower and creativity of volunteers, or you are part of a for profit enterprise trying to increase the bottom line, there are challenges in communicating clearly and respectfully with colleagues, employees, or volunteers. Examining internal motivations, speaking from conviction and having a balanced perspective are all crucial to the success of a team. This discussion will focus on elements of communication that can minimize misunderstandings and encourage individuals to speak truth with respect and confidence. We will also discuss the importance of living in a healthy balance of intentional recovery and stress so that we can lead well.